Esenghiul Abdul, Partner, Architect
Esenghiul Abdul is an architect and urban planner with particular expertise in advising on urban strategies, mixed-use masterplans and public space design.

Having studied in Romania and Great Britain, she joined Space Syntax in London in 2005, and in she co-founded Space Syntax Romania licensed by the British company. In 2014 she became a partner in Beros Abdul Associated Architects which has in its portfolio executed projects of public spaces, commercial and residential developments.

The projects developed in Romania include consultancy in urban planning for the public and private sectors, redevelopment strategies for urban and rural areas, master planning and public space design. Her expertise focuses on several thematics as the design of effective human behaviour patterns, the optimisation of spatial connectivity and accessibility for the benefit of all the users prioritasing pedestrians and cyclists, and the sustainability of local communities and commercial activities, green infrastructure and soft mobility, urban landscapes and the revival of local specificities in the context of globalised regeneration concepts.


Christian Beros, Partner, Architect, Urban designer
Christian Beros is a Chilean Architect, he graduated from FAU, Universidad de Chile in 2001, and later continue Master studies in London, graduating from The Bartlett, University College London in 2006. During the following years he worked for Space Syntax Ltd in London,  Bucharest and Santiago de Chile, being part of an international team with projects through the UK, Europe and Asia. Christian’s main frame of knowledge is Architecture and Urban Design, focusing in the relation between society and space and the way in which buildings and spaces can modify human behavior and interaction. His main research field has been wayfinding, spatial cognition, and strategic design.


Cristiano Del Toro, Landscape Architect

Cristiano Del Toro is an Italian landscape architect. He graduated from University of Padua, Faculty of Agriculture (Degree in Landscape, Parks and Gardens) in 2005. He obtained an advanced degree graduation in Landscape Architecture from University of Genoa, Faculty of Architecture in 2009. During this period he integrated his education with foreign experiences (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa and Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism Ion Mincu, Bucharest).

During the last years he worked as a freelance, offering consultancy, design and educational services in the fields of landscape architecture, ecological landscape design, natural garden design, agro-ecology and biodiversity conservation. With a very deep knowledge of plants and ecosystems he follows an integrated and multidisciplinary approach based on landscape ecology.

In his projects he translates technical skills and sustainability principles into a creative and innovative design, in order to achieve high quality standards both in urban and in rural green spaces.
His main research topics are sustainable water management, biodiversity and resilience development, low maintenance solutions.


Claudia Trufas, Architect

Claudia Trufas graduated from Ion Mincu University of Architecture in 2010. After an internship at a Belgian architecture office, she returned to her hometown, Bucharest and she started working at Space Syntax Romania, where she got familiarized with urban design and strategic planning. Since 2015 she’s been working at BAA, on projects of a large variety of scales, from interior design to urban planning. Besides architecture, she has good skills in design and photography.


Roxana Dumitriu, Architect

Roxana is a Romanian architect with more than 10 years of experience in the local market.  She joined BAA studio in 2015 after working for Re-Act now studio. Roxana coordinates the  design team including architecture, structure and mechanical engineers and other  subcontractors, taking care of the design projects from concept drawings to all technical  details, permits and implementation.


Iulian Bindar, Architect

Iulian Bindar is a Romanian architect, he graduated from UAUIM Bucharest in 2015. During his studies he worked as an intern for ZIP&BDX Studio and CRIBA Design, in Bucharest, being involved in residential, office buildings and public space projects.  Iulian`s field of knowledge is Architecture,  interested in performance based building  design. He joined our team in 2015.



Liana Stoica, Architect, Water and energy environmental consultant

Liana Stoica is an architect specialised as an environmental and energy consultant. Trained in Hafencity University,  Hamburg, and Ion Mincu, Bucharest.

Liana’s professional background combines expertise in urban development and architecture, and the principles of natural resource management and climate change adaptation and mitigation. With a solid track record in various architecture, urban and regional development projects across Europe, Liana has focused her work in the last 6 years – among others – on stakeholder (public and private) engagement around sustainable development, energy efficiency policy and technology and assessment of technologies for integrated, decentralised water management. Her international and interdisciplinary background and multilingual skills have enable Liana to develop cross-cutting competencies which demonstrate a well-rounded professional in the field of sustainable development.


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