Service offer

The studio skills are applied to a very diverse type of projects and scales:



  • Collaborating with local governments in developing strategic public space infrastructure including assessment of the urban conditions, public participation, and negotiation with stakeholders.
  • Providing integral urban design solutions when working in natural and urban parks, plazas, and gardens, from concept to detailed execution.
  • Designing Landscape infrastructure strategies to mitigate natural disasters risks as well as to enhance the quality of life.



    • Designing innovative architecture and landscape interventions to enhance the business performance of retail parks as well as urban retail areas.
    • Promoting “green solutions” to minimise building impact in the environment as well as to reduce maintenance costs, and enhance the quality of shopping and leisure areas.
    • Creating attractive and performative spaces that can increment visitors and tourists flows, as well as the necessary conditions for healthy and wealthy local businesses.
    • Proposing architectural solutions for local companies and industries that help them create a coherent image between their brands, products and building infrastructures.

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  • Designing single and multi-family residences, with a focus in sustainable construction techniques and energy reduction.
  • Challenging the relation between exterior and interior, as an integral part of a healthy way of living.
  • Guiding the design process from vision to execution.


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