Virtual Reality in architecture and urban design.
BAA Team // Christian Beros // Iulian Bindar – 2017.05.05

The following project refers to the used of Virtual Reality technology as a tool to enhance awareness, and understanding of the built environment by both professionals in architecture, and non-professionals. We believe VR tech. can be used as an enhanced medium of architecture learning and communication which can enrich education of future architects as well as enhance the understanding of space and cities for non-professionals.

On the attached images, we have been using our current projects as an excuse to test the capabilities of the available technology. We have rendered 360 degrees images which can be visualise in a normal desktop/laptop computer or any smart mobile device, and VR images for VR headsets.

Although the term Virtual Reality (VR) has several definitions, we understand it as 360 degrees rendered images/videos which working in stereoscopic mode can be visualise in a standard VR headset in order to create a simulated environment, engaging the user in  the spatial experience. This images can be mounted in VR devices such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vibe, or in mobile devices such as Samsung Gear VR. In our case we are using a Huawei P9, with a compatible Orange VR headset.

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Update: 2017.05.10 // apartment interiors


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