Mesange Fromagerie 2017, Finished, Strada Tudor Stefan, 9. Bucharest.
Mesange Fromagerie is a new cheese trader opening their first shop in Bucharest, Romania in 2017. The company imports mainly European cheese, but with an accent in traditional French dairy products, and cousine.  We had the opportunity to work with them in an integral design project, developing from the brand identity, to interior design, furniture, table setting, and packaging, trying to make a coherent image through the project. Different elements from French, Italian, and British traditional cheese mongers were recycled, looking for a combination of the clean and cold space used in cheese storing, with a warm and homey aesthetic where to enjoy a glass of wine and a board of cheese cuts. The shop combines a market area, (the main selling floor) with a small Bistro where to taste a cheese oriented menu. A large area of the shop is dedicated to cold storage with special requirements of humidity, light and temperature. When adding the kitchen and service rooms, a small space was left over to accommodate the needs for tables and tasting areas. Therefore, most of the furniture has been custom made according to the needs of space. Custom tables, chairs and benches where designed for the place, working with local wood makers looking to create a sole, warm space through the combination of wood, marble stones, and fabrics. Walls were covered with different wooden boards and stripe patterns, as well as the fridges to reduce the cold feeling, and create a welcoming environment.  
The main counter reassembles a traditional food market stall counter where white tiles, alama bars and industrial lamps help in defining a clean hygienic area for kitchen work, while giving a characteristic food trading look to the place. Custom wooden boards made in Oak, Frasin and Chestnut hang from the walls, and work as serving plates on top of white marble tables, enhancing a relation between cold/hygienic functionality, and the warm feeling of eating and drinking at the neighborhood bistro. Client: Mesange Fromagerie Year: 2017 Location: Strada Tudor Stefan 9, Bucharest Architects: Beros & Abdul Architects Photographs: Andrei Margulescu Project Team: Esenghiul Abdul, Christian Beros, Claudia Trufas, Iulian Bindar


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