Space, Events, and Urban Performance
Sigradi conference, 2006
Proceeding for Sigradi 2006
Author: Christian Beros

This report investigates different kinds of Urban Performance in the Southbank of Thames Path in London, UK. Urban Performance is defined here as the expression or manifestation of different social groups in the city space regarding the appropriation of a specific place for its spatial practices. The aim of this paper is to investigate how urban performances are linked to spatial and syntactic properties
of the area. This topic is intrinsic in the Space Syntax Theory due to its fundamental relation between spatiality and human activity.
The research method used were, direct observations (related with human movement), spatial analysis in terms of performer’s isovists and syntactic analysis through visibility graph.

The report concludes that the urban performances in Thames Path is determined by the human co-presence in the space, due to this strategic points chosen along the path by the performers are strongly related with the visual connections in the system.

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