Portuguese landscapes
2016, Under construction, Portugal


The following project is a Landscape architecture intervention for a new retail complex in Portugal.
We were requested to follow up a concept phase project for the main entrance area of the future retail buildings. The main idea was to develop the public space design looking for a place which can be welcoming for families and shoppers in general, giving a warm, natural welcome to the visitors.

The intervention is based in the existing environments of the region, highly rich in ecological values, which are combined in a series of stripes giving to the visitors a quick overview of the region landscapes imaginary. The project works as a reinterpretation of the typical habitats and it is accompanied by a leisure strategy which includes different play areas as well as resting zones for parents and shoppers, including shading elements, water games, places for pop-up retail, etc.

“The new green structure is organized in sinuous strips and thematic islands; it contributes to create a dynamic and interactive environment, evoking a global positive impression on visitors”.

A wide number of vegetation typologies underlines the medi¬terranean taste of the open space. Giving priority to native species (most of them belonging to the mediterranean scrub) offering a sustainable landscape which provides aestetical, recreational and ecological functions.

In terms of accessibility, the project connects the arrival points such as public transport, parking zones and drop off areas, with the main retail entrances, therefore the layout of the place takes in consideration the most accessible lines in order to enhance mobility to and through the accesses.


Beros & Abdul Architects
7700 sqm
BA+ Project Team:
Esenghiul Abdul, Christian Beros, Cristiano del Toro, Claudia Trufas, Iulian Bindar
In collaboration with TheLeisureWay, Corvin Cristian, and Vlad Vieru.

General layout

Landscape intervention layout

Trees planting layout

Longitudinal section

Transversal section

Water features diagram


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