N House
2017, Corbeanca, Romania


Family House project in Corbeanca residential area, close to Bucharest city. Currently in concept development stage. The site is located facing the lake but separated from it by the main road. The proposal development presented an opportunity to study a family house which has to open the views towards the landscape, and at the same time control its boundaries to the unbuilt sites in its surroundings. The L shape volume protects the interior garden framing all the house functions towards South. The South openings help with the thermal efficiency during winter time, while enclosing the North facades with an opaque, highly insulated skin.


Private client
Corbeanca, Romania

Beros & Abdul Architects
Approx 160sqm
BA+ Project Team:
Esenghiul Abdul, Christian Beros, Claudia Trufas, Iulian Bindar

Main entrance view

Layout configuration of the requested program

South East view of the private courtyard

Axonometric from the entrance facade

Axonometric from the interior courtyard facade

Main entrance view

Rooms section


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