Mega Adygea, Krasnodar
2016, Krasnodar, Rusia


Mega Adygea is one of the 3 main shopping areas in the Krasnodar / Adygea region in Russia, and its future development aims to convert it into the number one in the local market. We have been invited by Theleisureway to follow up the initial concept and ideas and to develop them further in a basic project and then a technical design ready for local execution development.

Our main responsibility was to establish the general lines for the future masterplan of about 120ha surface, including the zoning, movement networks distribution and conceptual areas definition. Furthermore, one of the key design elements was to develop a “mini city” concept as an extension of the existing shopping mall infrastructure, adding approx. 80.000 sqm. of retail. The aim of the minicity is to create a new leisure and retail environment which can hold new shopping facilities with a strong leisure and landscape design programme associated to it.

The project reflects in the current changes that retail design is facing, where parallel activities such as leisure and family oriented experiences are becoming a must in every new design. The role of our design was to integrate the public space and landscape design in an interactive scheme where the focus relies in the shopper experience.

Krasnodar, Russia

Public Space Design and landscape architecture:
Beros & Abdul Architects under Theleisureway team
Approx 40.000 sqm of leisure and retail park design.
BA+ Project Team:
Esenghiul Abdul, Christian Beros, Cristiano del Toro, Claudia Trufas, Iulian Bindar
In collaboration with TheLeisureWay, Corvin Cristian, and Vlad Vieru.

General Plan

Water landscapes details

Transversal section

General minicity plan


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