Mediterranean emotions
2014-2016, Completed

Borgo del Ginepro is an Agriturismo in Abruzzo (IT), set in a riveting hilly landscape between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso mountain chain. The project of rehabilitation of a typical stone rural settlement and the creation of a wide natural garden around it has been possible thanks to European founds addressed to rural development.
The project of the garden is based on sustainable landscaping principles: using water efficiently, enhancing biodiversity, minimizing maintenance, and providing a deep integration with the impressive surrounding landscape. The existing vegetation (17 old olive trees and 1 old pear tree) has been maintained. This spectacular trees are residual from the local historical rural landscape, still carrying out a productive function, contributing to create a sense of place and playing now a crucial role in defining the identity of the garden.
The new plantations are organized in dense masses along the main path, including aromatic Mediterranean plants, perennials, shrubs and groundcovers. The path is conceived as an interactive sensorial itinerary particularly rich in seasonal effects, smells, textures, and chromatic variations. Several native trees species such as Acer campestre, Pyrus pyraster, Celtis australis, Sorbus communis, Cercis siliquastrum have been selected, they enrich the biodiversity of the garden and contribute to define natural shaded areas.
The hub of the garden is characterized by a multifunction meadow area, a huge walkable green parterre which includes the olive trees, framed by the planted buffers and the stone houses.
Groups of fruit trees of local ancient varieties, pergolas with roses and grapevines and some cypress used as focal point underline the “Mediterranean taste” and contribute to define an intimate atmosphere in a refined rural style.

Client: Az. Agricola Borgo del Ginepro di Francesco D’Ambrosio
Landscape Architecture: Cristiano Del Toro
Location: Castiglione Messer Raimondo (Te), Italy
Surface: 4000 sqm
Year: 2014-2016


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