“J” House
2016, Finished, Bucharest, Romania


“J” House is a single family house located in the city centre of Bucharest, Romania. The project started as the need to renovate a 1960’s house recently bought by the client. However, during the design process the request evolved to a wider intervention, which meant to maintain only the walls of the ground floor and its basement, while a new structure was designed for the first floor.

One of the main desires of the client was to bring more light to the interior, being the fact that the original house lacked of a good orientation to sun light. On the other hand, there was the need for a better integration between the two floors in order to understand the levels of the house, and to give a sense of continuity and communication between spaces, while still maintaining a sense of privacy.

Two inner voids were proposed, the first one holds the staircase which communicates the new studio room with the kitchen and dining room. Its vertical line it’s accentuated with a skylight that lights up a thin white metal and wood stair, and generates a new meeting corner in a former left over space of the original house. The second void was proposed in top of the living room, communicating the “public” area of the house with the studio and the main bedroom in the top floor. This space was conceived as a large lightbox which not only illuminates the inner core of the house, but also articulates all the spaces in between, giving visual connection through the rooms and a sense of continuity and lightness.

Beros & Abdul Architects
Bucharest, Romania
200 sqm built
Project Team:
Esenghiul Abdul, Christian Beros, Claudia Trufas, Roxana Dumitriu, Iulian Bindar.
Matei Bacanu, Nicolae Petrencu
Medcons SRL
Estacons SRL (structures), Mavca Stuff (Electricity, Heating and Sewage)

The difference between the new and the old has been accentuated in the exterior envelope through the use of an anthracite fiber-cement panel as the skin for a ventilated façade, against and off-white render for the existing walls on the ground floor. The stereotomy of the panels is defined by the different apertures of the upper box through which it is possible to read the inner voids of the house.

We took over the project integrally, being in charge of the architecture, as well as in the interior, which gave us the opportunity to propose the conception of the spaces as well as the objects which would render character and functionality, all following the same architecture concept. Several pieces from local designers were mounted, and parts of the custom furniture were designed using old refurbished plates of Oak and Tec from Romania and Turkey.

A special request was the need of a sustainable solution for the energy resources. 40 sqm of solar panels were installed on the south side of the roof, which generates enough power for the whole house in clear days. The excess of energy is driven to the local network. Solar thermal collectors were also installed connected to the heating system to reduce gas consumption, and water tanks were installed in the back yard to collect rainwater for irrigation purposes.


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