Evidence-based spatial Intervention for regeneration of Informal settlements
Proceedings, 6th International Space Syntax Symposium, Istanbul, 2007
Authors: Kayvan Karimi, Space Syntax Ltd; Abdulgader Amir, King Fahd University; Kaveh Shafiei, Space Syntax Ltd; Noah Raford, Space Syntax Ltd; Esenghiul Abdul, Space Syntax Ltd; Ji Zhang, Space Syntax Ltd; Magda Mavridou, The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, UCL.

This paper presents a new approach to the improvement of informal settlements through limited physical interventions. The main argument in this research is that the benefits of the transformation of urban fabric should be evaluated by a deeper level of interaction between spatial configuration and socio-economic dynamics.

The theoretical foundation of this claim is driven from previous research that indicate the significant role of spatial configuration in the gradual self-improvement of informal settlements. A direct implication of such findings is that limited physical interventions as a design method can be used to facilitate the self improvement of informal settlements by increasing their spatial integration to the whole of the city.

Furthermore, the transformation of strategically located unplanned areas can also create a positive impact on the urban areas that surround them.

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