Eco Chilia
2016, Finished, Tătaru- Chilia Veche, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve


The ensemble of ecological buildings is part of the project “Setting-up an eco-reintegration mechanism for inmates” that addresses the inmates who are coming from a disadvantaged environment and with a low level of education and aims to facilitate their access to rehabilitation programs and further their reintegration in society, providing them with new skills in niche crafts such as ecological construction, carpentry, wooden boats building, wickery and pottery.

The first stage of this project was the construction of the workshops on Grindul Tataru that belongs to Tulcea Prison – the outer section Chilia, which will host the qualification courses later on.

The buildings were realised using as much as possible local materials, with a low impact on the environment, and construction techniques inspired from the traditional ones, this being also the only financially viable option, reducing material acquisition and transportation costs. Also, given the fact that all the workforce was provided by unqualified workers, the complexity of the details had to be controlled.

This exercise aimed to be a model for the local constructions and cover a wide spread of techniques and materials, therefore each one of the buildings used a different composition of materials to enclose the timber frames, in order to ensure the adequate living conditions: a mix system of adobe bricks sat in two layers with reed bundles in between, or wood batten enclosures filled with sheep wool or reed, the roofs being all traditionally made in reed.
Environmentally friendly solutions were also thought for the provision of electricity, heating, water and sewage.

Asociația Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23, in partnership with Administrația Națională a Penitenciarelor România, South Regional Office – Bastoy Prison Norvegia and Asociația RomanoButiQ, funded by a Norwegian grant through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014
Tătaru- Chilia Veche, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

Beros & Abdul Architects
581 built sqm
Nicu Ilfoveanu (Black and White)
Project Team:
Esenghiul Abdul, Claudia Trufas
Administrația Națională a Penitenciarelor
Estacons SRL (structures), Mavca Stuff (Electricity, Heating and Sewage)


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